112: ‘Ere Goes Dan

December 3, 2016

Just like in Episode 100: the Kibosh, the guys go in front of a live studio audience this week, to answer audience questions.

  • How long of a period of time was the suffering and restoration of Job and his household?
  • In Genesis 28:12 we see the ladder set up on the earth and heaven, also in John 1:51. ┬áIs this a picture of the Lord’s birth and resurrection where the Lord is the ladder like He’s the Door, the Way, the Light and the Truth, etc?
  • Why is the word “hate” used in Luke 14:26?
  • When our bodies are exchanged in the rapture will we still be male and female?
  • Will the saints see the man of sin before the rapture?
  • Can you speak of the judgment seat of Christ and the local church being judged as individuals and as a body?
  • Could a parent be provoking a child to wrath thinking the are discipling them?